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CCGC Spring Meeting Update

Hello CCGC Directors and Instructional Staff, My name is Ryan Schlieper, and I'm the incoming President of the California Color Guard Circuit as a result of the spring meeting elections held yesterday, May 19, 2019 at Independence High School. I'm taking this time to communicate to the membership on the departures of Dee Ariza and Lee Carpenter from the Executive Board. Dee has been the heart of the organization for decades and was honored at this past season's Championships for her lifetime of service to the circuit. Without the guidance and expertise of Dee and her late husband Harry, this circuit would more than likely not exist. Her energy and passion to serve the member units and their performers is the example that I have aspired to emulate over my own years of association with the circuit. And I believe this is the case for many others as well. We are determined to make her proud of the circuit and to preserve the legacy that she and so many others have established. It is a big task, but one I know we are going to put our heart and soul into accomplishing. Lee has also been a tremendous resource and positive force for decades in the circuit and will continue to be so. I have asked Lee to become an advisor to me in my new role and to serve as a "Past President" so that this transition will be as smooth as possible. Lee is an amazing friend and role model. His knowledge of the pageantry world is something that has made our circuit truly unique and special. Stepping into his shoes is not a task I take lightly whatsoever. I am grateful his knowledge will still be available and utilized and he made it known at the meeting he still wants to serve as a T&P judge for the circuit. The sport of the arts has evolved immensely over the decades, but with an even faster velocity in just the past 5 years. The goal of myself and the rest of the elected board is to continue to advance the circuit with the times to provide the best possible experience for all of its amazing performers and the audiences that experience their art. We have innovated over the years and others have emulated our organization. Our goal is to continue this and to live up to our history as well as build upon the amazing foundation that has been established. Lee and Dee, I personally thank you for all that you have sacrificed and contributed over so many years. We WILL make you proud. Here are the results of yesterday’s meeting: Proposal 1: I move that the number of contests/shows required for the CCGC Championships remain at 3 for both Color Guard and Percussion. However, the Granite Bay Show will count as two shows towards that requirement for any unit that attends. PASSED -----------

Proposal 2: I move that the CCGC championships be moved to a bigger venue. AMMENDED A Championships Committee will be formed by the President to investigate enhancements to the championships experience. The Championships Committee also has the ability to create a recommendation to be presented to the members regarding future options for venues. PASSED

Note: If you have interest in being part of this committee please let me know via email

and I'll note your interest!


Proposal 3: I move that there be a photo wall with CCGC logos as the background for champs PASSED

Note: We're looking at a solution that could go to every show for photo opps.


Proposal 4: I move that the CCGC bring back guard critique with an instructor at the Evals show or at least an earlier show WITHDRAWN

Note: There was discussion and a suggestion to the Board to work to allow for more opportunities for instructors to communicate with judges, preferably earlier in the season. Much of this will depend on judge availability and the number of units interested in critique/communicating directly with the judges.


Proposal 5:

I move that shows that have 10 or more units in a specific class be divided up into “rounds” with an as even number of units as possible in each round. PASSED Note: rounds will be combined at end of the night for final scoring. This is intended to give judges more room to avoid subcaption ties with large numbers of units in specific classes. Rounds will be generic in naming and order of appearance will still be determined as in previous seasons. ----------- Proposal 6: I move that the CCGC update our scoring tabulation to fully digital with a connected digital tabulation software suite. PASSED

Note: We will be weighing different options with feedback from the judging community. --------- Another topic of discussion was the possibility of moving evaluations to Rancho Cotate. There is a slight possibility of us not having access to James Logan for evals so this would be the backup plan. The overall sentiment by those present at the meeting was this would be an acceptable location as units from up north (INCLUDING Rancho Cotate) regularly travel down south to come to circuit shows. This is something the Board (and membership) definitely acknowledges and we're looking at ways to offer more shows and to incentivize units to attend shows at the great show sites in our northern region. As an example of this commitment, in the proposal items the Granite Bay show will now count as 2 shows towards the Championships attendance requirement. At this time, the Board and the contest coordinators are still working to finalize the show schedule and dates. We hope to provide a final show schedule shortly for the 2020 season. EXECUTIVE BOARD: President: Ryan Schlieper Vice President / Guard Contest Coordinator: Sharon Gordon Vice President / Percussion Contest Coordinator: Dan Smith Secretary: Catherine Lorrigan Treasurer: (Interim) Grantis Peranda Guard Liason: Jamie Roman Percussion Liason: Paul Lorrigan Wes Adams will be serving as our Circuit Experience advisor and coordinator.

Jeff Lind will be serving as the circuit Legal Consultant and Assistant to the Guard Contest Coordinator

There will also be formal minutes of the meeting made available in the director's resource area of the webpage shortly as well for reference on attendance and items.

This area of the webpage will be greatly expanding over the coming months to include a lot more information as to contact points for specific items and questions you as directors and instructors may have for various topics. There will also be updates regarding new communication methods and additional website enhancements in the near future. All of us on the board are excited to serve and looking forward to next season. Best Regards, Ryan Schlieper

CCGC President

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