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Naming changes to the Scholastic A / AA class

Hello CCGC'ers! In order to make sure there's no confusion when registering your units we wanted to make a quick post here to make sure all are clear as to what the membership agreed to at the last Fall meeting in regards to the Scholastic A and AA naming convention. The Scholastic A class will now be known as California A. The California A classes are designed and trained for state level competitions and working towards national competition in the A class. They are judged on the WGI Scholastic A sheets. The Scholastic AA class will now be known as National A. The National A classes are designed and trained for National level competitions (WGI regionals and WGI finals). These guards They are also judged on the WGI Scholastic A sheets. *Please note that you CAN still compete at a WGI regional if you are part of the California A class in CCGC. Units grow and advance over the course of the season. This naming is conceived to break up the very large Scholastic A class guards in CCGC and provide a better competitive environment for this classes units. It's also in place to give unit directors and staff a better idea of where they are in regards to unit progress in relation to the WGI national competitive scene. We feel this solves the potential confusion in regards to A / AA name change. All other classes names are not being changed. We're looking forward to an awesome season!

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