CCGC 2020 Scholarship Winners!

Every season the CCGC awards scholarships and unit awards in memoriam of circuit members who left their permanent imprint on the fabric of the circuit. These are intended to further the ongoing education of those that apply. You can read more about the current scholarships and their Since I've been part of the circuit, this part of Championships has always been something I look forward to. It's a way to remember those that contributed to the circuit as well as honor those that are moving on to start their lives that CCGC will remain part of. The board is is saddened that we weren't able to hand these scholarships out to all of the winners personally. We also appreciate the efforts of EVER

CCGC 2020 Summer Showcase Is Coming!

Happy 4th of July CCGCers! The CCGC board is proud to announce that we'll be sponsoring our first ever "Summer Showcase" Solo and Ensemble event. This event is intended to continue the pageantry arts even while we are working within Shelter in Place guidelines for our state. We've partnered up with the video platform to make submissions and management of submissions incredibly easy. We will be accepting submissions for Guard, Perc and yes..WINDS as well for this Showcase. The adjudication of the submissions will be following the guidelines set forth by WGI and modified slightly for CCGC. You can read these guidelines in the following file: The top 3 performances in all division

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